Common Foot Ailments
Abnormal Pronation Heel Spurs & Other Conditions
Arch Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) Ingrown Toenails
Arthritis Neuroma
Bunions Peripheral Vascular Disease
Burning Pain on Bottom of Feet Tendinitis
Bursitis Warts
Calluses What is Podiatry?
Corns The wrong kind of inheritance
Diabetes and your Feet About Dr. Burton S. Schuler
Fungus The Agony of De-Feet
by Dr. Burton S. Schuler
Gout The Ambulatory Foot Clinic / Pain Center
Hammer Toes  

Why You Really Hurt, It All Starts in the Foot by Dr. Burton S. Shuler
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Why You Really Hurt

It All Starts in the foot

by Dr. Burton S. Shuler

Dr Burton S. Schuler Dear Friends,
My staff and I would like to welcome you to our Foot Care-4-U Web site where you can learn about the most common foot ailments and how to treat them. You will also learn about the profession of podiatry, inheritance and your foot, and most importantly about diabetes and your feet. There is also a
section on my book, The Agony of De-Feet.
My staff and I hope you will enjoy this information and benefit from it.

Dr. Burton S. Schuler
Dr. Burton S. Schuler,
Director of The Ambulatory Foot Clinic -
Podiatric Pain Management Center

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